• Image of Vitamin C Flush Kit
  • Image of Vitamin C Flush Kit

Have you ever heard of a “Vitamin C Flush?”

It’s this unique method of completely saturating your body with healthy vitamin C.
Once your body is full of Vitamin C, your cells go into overdrive producing collagen.

Vitamin C greatly stimulates collagen production.
This gives you more elastic, younger looking skin.
People often report a “brightening effect” with their skin.
Fine lines and wrinkles fade or are reduced.

100% Non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide free Vitamin C along with a detailed guide for doing your own flush at home.

This is important because over 90% of Vitamin C is contaminated with toxins- this is one of the very few that is not.

Goes GREAT with our #1 Skin Care product: Vitamin C Masque!